Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Book of Law is Discovered

For those who believe or don't believe in God, it is almost impossible to take time and pray to him, I know! You might say, "If God wants me to be saved then He will come in my sleep and slap me back to reality". Jesus Christ has invited you to start a new relationship with Him, however are you willing to accept His invitation?

To those who are young and will get married one day, what will you teach your children when you yourself don't have a relationship with The Almighty God and His son Jesus Christ. They will also be lost as you were. School fights, drugs, lost your virginity, disobeying the Ten commandments, list is endless...

For the sake of your good future and your children's and the next generations, take this big step now and make a difference in your life today. Look for God and His son Jesus Christ in your troubles, let him comfort you so when your children are alone they can call upon the same God whom comforted you. 

I will help you to open that door to welcome Almighty God through Jesus Christ. Believe in Him, your faith in HIS power will comfort you and protect you on your journey.

Always start your prayers by saying "Thank you for listening to my Prayers God through Jesus Christ". Following this, we have to totally give our body and spirit to Jesus Christ. I will help you point out the difference between body and spirit in prayer. On your day off from work, Fast between 6am and 6pm and you will understand true value of water and food. While you Fast, your body will be thirsty for a cold glass of water, belly making rumbling noises, your mind wants to distract you, "Go on Facebook page or take some  rest on your day off, watch  T.V while Fasting to keep you entertained. You have to make a sacrifice to know something great. While your body needs so much attention, your spirit only demands His attention, God's attention. Before you get into the next 20 minutes of your prayer, close your eyes and mediate on all those great memories You have witnessed, from childhood to now. This will help your spirit come closer to God through Jesus Christ.

* While you sit in prayers be true to yourself and confess all your sins from a smallest one to the biggest. Saying sorry means that we have acknowledged our wrong doings and are asking God to cleanse us from our sin. 

*Read one chapter from Bible everyday. Get a bible app on your phone 
But also buy a bible to keep one at home. 

*Give him the honour he deserves and he will give you the life you deserve, the everlasting life promised in John 3:16
          *Sit on the floor and pray, kneel and bow down in His presence. Remember you are in front of 
           God's throne. 

           *Always be on guard to help others, as the greatest commandment is to love our neighbour as   
            ourselves so be willing to share in their time of need and sorrow. Pray for others and Help 
            others and God will send help for you in your time of need.
*Each Deed will earn you favour in HIS eyes. So practice good deeds part as a of your daily lives. For instance, acts of kindness, helping others, visiting the sick, showing God's love. These are only a few of the many things we can to please God, and earn our rewards in heaven. 
*Look around the world and judge for yourself. If prayer helps you to come  closer to God then why don't you do it? If you think going to school, university, work or dropping £1 in a beggars cup can save your relationship with Jesus Christ then reality check, It is not !
          Only prayer can save us. Like any other relationship, communication is the key. God also    
          requires our time, He wants to speak to us through the Bible and ultimately He wants to be at the
          centre of our lives.
While in prayers Jesus Christ Revealed this message:

(2 kings 22. 13)

"As for the King himself, this is what I, the LORD God of Israel, say: You listened to what is written in the book, and you repented and humbled yourself before me, tearing your clothes and weeping , when you heard how I threatened to punish Jerusalem and its people. I will make it a terrifying sight, a place whose name people will use as a curse. But I have heard your prayer, and the punishment which I am going to bring on Jerusalem will not come until after your death. I will let you die in peace" 


Please Read: 2 King 22: 3-22 

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all

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