Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Cry of Anguish and a Song of Praise

I lost my motivation to pray since the age of 15, I became more involved with college, work and life. I wondered what if I didn’t get lost and always followed his laws and the Stories of Abraham,King David, Mosses,Joseph and Jacob are true examples of his Powers and Promises. I was too young to understand what these stories meant and when the time came for me to understand, earthly things took over and my spirit was lost. But our God still showed me mercy maybe because I kept calling him in times of trouble and my deeds kept me safe in his presence. 

Praying Again was re-building my lost relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In my prayers I would start crying like a new born baby because I felt helpless, because I needed help, because I was a sinner, I didn’t have answers to my problems. You have all the answers God, "I am only an immigrant, a refuge on Earth help me Jesus Christ so I can safely return to the house of my King, my God and his son Jesus Christ". 

There is no set pattern to pray. Some people close their eyes and instantly see God's light through their faith in Jesus Christ.  

In prayers we have to forget all our earthly thoughts and problems (for He saw us grow in our mother's womb, who lives in you, knows you; through your love for others He will shine in you because hate is evil and Love is God). While you pray your mind will interfere and it will distract you with earthly thoughts ( you might start thinking about someone else, holiday, gym, evil thoughts etc). To understand the purpose of Lord we have to commit ourself to LORD in prayers with our body and spirit one.'

I Requested Jesus christ to give his message from bible so this blog can be completed. 

The message was from
(Psalms 22. 22-24 )

Praise him, you servants of the LORD!

Honor him, you desecendent of Jacob! 

Worship him, you people of Israel!

He does not neglect the poor or ignore their suffering;

he does not turn away from them,

But answers when they call for help”


Always Start your prayers with saying “Thank you God for listening to my prayers through Jesus Christ” 


Give 5 minutes in prayers to ask Jesus Christ to forgive all your sins, confess all your sins to Lord( In a way you remind yourself so you are aware not to sin again ).

Give 5 minutes to sing a song of Praise in his Glory. 

Give 5 minutes to read from Bible ( Start with Revelation ). 

Give 5 minutes to thank Him for all His blessings He has given you. 

 This format of prayer has helped me come closer to The Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ and I have faith in Him that He will reveal himself to you.

"I don't know how you came to be here but I'm glad that you made it. Maybe you knew exactly what you were coming to, or you are trying to work out whats happening, but I want to say you're in the right place. No matter whats going on in your world,no matter whether things are great, or if you're honest life is really tough at the moment."(Prayer:Hillsong United)

I believe today your life can change forever because these scriptures that your are reading, are not just random words. These are the words of The Living God. We're not worshipping a "dead God or a distant God or a dormant God, but the God of life, God of truth, the everlasting Father, the ever faithful and the ever present King. (Prayer:Hillsong United)

"He never lets go of us and thats what true love is all about; without Him we are nothing! But because He is with us, anything is possible"(Prayer-Hillsong United)

Let your hearts be open to what God wants you to do wherever He has placed you; at your school, university, workplace. Always be willing to testify the great things He done for you! Give all Glory and Honour to Jesus; the name above all names.



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