Friday, 9 January 2015

Jerusalem After Its Fall

Lock yourself in your room, like you hide and sin then hide and pray. Those who don’t pray or don’t believe in God The Father and His Son Jesus Christ, he should put his Faith to test in prayer. The depths of your heart are empty only for him.

Those who read the message of The Mighty One should obey so that when your day comes for your judgment he will point his finger to you and say I did send help but you my Dear child did not have time to follow, WHY? 

I say,how blind are we? When we saw our parents and grandparents and heard our ancestors call on His Holy name after the day of hard work.Then how can we forget! Are we too dumb or too educated of earthly books that we forget the knowledge and its fruits which are given by the One Who Made the Universe. 

Pray, Ask forgiveness for your sins and live in good deeds. Our God our father gave the life of Jesus Christ his son for us, if we knew how to love, Christ wouldn't have died a horrible death. Christ suffered a death by the hands of Evil. Love gives life and Evil takes it away. Evil and sinful nature nailed Jesus Christ to the cross thus and evil in our hearts will destroy our relationship with God and his son Jesus. We have come from the kingdom of the One who gives life and its purpose. 

I understand to defeat Evil in your heart is not a one day journey for it has walked with you for a long time. 

We must get rid of all things that makes our lives evil. As humans we have our own battles, we fight daily a good fight to feed our bellies to fulfil our earthly desires. So why do we not try to fight a stronger battle for God purpose? Don’t not walk in Sin and then let HIM reward you for being obedient. You are the light of the World, where there is sin there is darkness. Where there is light, there is life! Only those who walk with christ, shine like the brightest stars!

I don’t know the time or the date when Jesus christ will return, but this i am sure about that he has started his mission to save his chosen people. 

When seeking todays message in prayer, the Word of God was given to me:

(Lamentations 4. 21-22

Laugh on, people of Edom and Uz;

Be glad while you can. 

Your disaster is coming too; you too will stagger naked in shame.

Zion has paid for her sin; the LORD will not keep us in exile any longer.

But Edom, the LORD will punish you he will expose your guilty deeds.


Please read the all Verse Lamentations (4.1-22)

May the grace of Lord Jesus be with all of you.